This is the place where you can find our monthly top 10 useful gadgets you should have. We provide you with the needed information on why we think that the gadget is so useful/great. You’ll get small reviews of the product so you can decide whether you want it or not. Take a look around, you might find something that fits you perfectly!

10. RavPower Fast Charge

Wireless charging has become much more relevant in the last couple of years. It really is the future of charging. The ease of using a wireless charger is fantastic. Just put your device on top of the charger and there you go. From all of the best wireless chargers out there we found the RavPower to be the best.
It’s stylish and it charges really fast. A 24W power brick is included, that’s why it is a little more expensive. Normally you would need to buy a power brick separately and this would cost even more. So, it’s not that bad. It puts out up to 10W of power assuming your phone supports it. In short, the RavPower Fast Charge is a great asset to your house.
(if you want more info, read this review about it)

9. Moov Fitness Tracker

The Moov Activity Tracker tracks your activity the whole day. It analyses your movement and (audio) coaches you to improve your workouts. You can wear this thing 24/7, even while asleep. Even better, it analyses your sleep and shows you how well you are sleeping. It’s put best to use when running, cycling or swimming. This is all possible because the tracker is completely water and dust proof. Running out of battery quickly isn’t a problem either, because that will take you 6 months!
The device is good-looking. Its design is simple and doesn’t stand out which is great because you can literally wear it with anything. It easily connects with your phone through Bluetooth so you can see all the info that the device has been tracking throughout the day. When your phone is not connected, the track will save the data that it is collecting and synchronize with your phone when it’s connected again. If you would like to track your workouts in detail, this thing is a must have!

8. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable

The JBL Charge 3 has been one of the most popular JBL speakers for years and that is for a reason.
It has a full sound, the bass makes the music sound really good and the volume is nothing to worry about, even outside. It can produce enough sound to basically hear is always. The JBL Charge 3 makes your favorite music sound even better.
The speaker is water- and dustproof so you can take it anywhere without having to be scared to break it and the 20 hours of battery life are great too. The JBL Charge 3 will usually last longer than your smartphone. That’s why the USB port connected to a built-in power bank is so useful.
You can also connect the speaker to several JBL speakers. In short, the JBL Charge 3 is very handy, you can use it anywhere and you will enjoy your music. It is a great asset to your collection.

7. Echo Plus (2nd gen)

The Echo Plus is the best version of the Echo family. You will recognize this especially because of the great audio quality. The audio quality is very good, even when compared to some of the best portable speakers. You can control smart home technology like Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest security cameras and more. You can easily connect them with the free app.
You can ask questions to, for example, check the weather, do you shopping or stream songs from Spotify or Amazon Music. It uses 7 microphones to pick up your voice so it can hear your voice almost always. Even in noisy environments. You can connect two Echo Plus smart speakers to create a stereo listening experience. You can also connect the Echo Sub to enjoy the bass.
The design is stylish and simple. You won’t have a hard time placing it somewhere in your house where it fits. The Echo Plus would simply be great to have in your house. It makes your life a lot easier and your home a lot smarter!

6. iClever Foldable Keyboard

Using the onscreen keyboard of tablets and phones can be a hassle. But taking a massive keyboard with you isn’t an option either. The iClever Foldable Keyboard is a perfect solution for this. You can easily fold it to pocket size and take it with you anywhere.
It supports USB and Bluetooth with iOS, Windows and Android. The battery can take 300 hours of working time & 90 days of standby time. It charges within 4 hours. If you’ve connected it once it will take over the keyboard on the screen as soon as you open the keyboard. It will disconnect again when you close it. This way you don’t need to worry about turning it off because it does that by itself. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have a power on/off button.
When you travel a lot with a tablet or phone and you write a lot, the iClever keyboard is perfect for you!

5. Apple Magic Mouse 2

A mouse is really handy when using a computer. It’s more precise and easier to control a computer with a mouse.
With all the functionalities that macOS provides, the Magic Mouse is amazing. The design is great and useful. The top is smooth so your fingers can move around very easily. This is a must to use all the gestures. MacOS is way harder to use when you can’t do those gestures. The gestures make macOS smooth. Without the mouse (or trackpad) you can’t do these gestures. This way you can’t use macOS to its fullest. The mouse feels great for the hand and it works like a charm. Simply a must have!

4. Rocketbook Everlast

The Rocketbook Everlast is, the name already says it, a notebook that lasts forever. With the special pen, which is included, you can write whatever you want. You can write on a limited amount of pages and then the notebook is filled. No! Don’t throw it away yet! Just download the Rocketbook app, scan the pages, store the scan in your iCloud or Google Drive or send it via e-mail or use another one of the many options. Now you only have to make the included cloth a little wet and you can wipe away all of the ink.
The Rocketbook app is very smart and you can do multiple ‘tricks’ to make using the Everlast a lot easier. For example, if you put a bit of text between four hashtags. It will automatically set that as the document title after scanning the page. This notebook is not only very handy, but it is also good for mother earth!

3. Apple Pencil (2nd gen)

The Apple Pencil is made for creative people and people that like making handwritten notes. Working on an iPad with only your fingers can be hard if you want to draw, work precisely or take notes. With the Apple Pencil, you can do all of this without any resistance or difficulties. It charges by just, magnetically, attaching the Pencil to the side of the iPad. This holds onto it very well. This way its battery will never be empty when you need to use the Pencil.
You can double tap the Pencil to trigger an action like changing tools when drawing. These actions are customizable in the settings. The Apple Pencil has a nice matte surface which results in a great grip and comfort. You can easily use it for long stretches of time.
The 2nd gen Apple Pencil is simply a great device. It’s almost flawless. The Pencil makes using an iPad so much more fun and easier. If you have the right iPad and you’re looking for improvement, the 2nd gen Apple Pencil is perfect for you. You can’t go anywhere without it as soon as you use it once.

2. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Do you like reading books? Then the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader might be something for you! It is always great to have the biggest and cheapest library in your pocket.
The Paperwhite is easily the best e-reader on the market. Pricewise, it isn’t that expensive either. The device has a high-resolution display and a built-in light so you can read in the dark. It’s waterproof, supports Audible audiobooks over Bluetooth, you can easily read the tiniest font sizes on the crisp display and the device is small and thin enough to fit in the back pockets of your jeans. The user interface is easy to use as well as buying new books on the device. Prime members get free content through the Prime Reading Program. This device is the start of the future of books. It’s fantastic!

1. Apple TV 4K

Apple TV is made for making your TV experience way better and easier. With Apple TV you can do a lot more than with just a TV. You can watch movies, listen to music and much more. The device supports Siri and this makes using Apple TV way easier and faster.
While using this device you can access the App Store and it offers a huge amount of apps.
You can actually play games on the device, which is new. The remote has a movement sensor so you can use it as a controller. The remote has a great design. It’s simple, but it has everything you need. The interface is beautiful, smooth and easy to use. Which is great.
The Apple TV 4K is an all round product. You can basically do anything that you can do on an iPhone or iPad. The Apple TV 4K is very useful and definitely worth the money!